St. Mary's Ballet Folklorico of Redlands

A Dance Group of Excellence

Commitments for Excellence

"The 8 P's"

1. Partnership - We work as a team and collectively contribute to the advancement of our group and our dancers by helping and supporting one another.

2. Positive Communication - We communicate regularly, honestly and respectfully in a supportive and encouraging manner.

3. Punctuality - We start and end performances, practices, meetings and other group functions on time.

4. Preparedness - We arrive prepared to practices, performances and other group functions.

5. Pride - We convey pride and confidence in our culture, the art of dance, and our group at all times.

6. Professionalism - We represent our group in a positive manner at all times through positive communication, professional conduct and professional appearance.

7. Participation - We consistently, attentively, actively and energetically participate in practices, performances and dance related functions.

8. Phun - We have fun.

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